Sunday, 20 February 2011

Brighton Half Marathon

A trip to the seaside to cheer Daddy on as he ran past. Although George was frankly more interested in the sandpit and the prospect of lunch. And there don't seem to be any photos

Friday, 4 February 2011

Blackberry Wood Bus

We've had our eye on Blackberry Wood for a while - it's on the "cool campsites" list and always booked up about a year in advance for summer holidays and weekends. The camping pitches are little glades among the trees, and each comes with its own firepit (a rarity in camping circles these days, and probably one of the things that makes it so popular.)

But the thing that I really liked the look of was the converted double-decker bus which you can stay in. So when we happened to spot a free weekend on the website, we went for it. George, unsurprisingly, was extremely excited when we told him we were going to sleep on a bus. And here it is:

Inside, the downstairs is the kitchen/dining room. Upstairs is the bedroom
and lounge area. It was surprisingly cosy, considering the time of year.

It was a very windy weekend - not great when you are trying to sleep on the top deck of a double decker bus, but perfect for flying the Spiderman kite Daddy got in his work's Secret Santa.

For some reason Daddy felt the need to have a fire in front of the bus. George and Mummy watched from the kitchen, with the electric heater on full.