Saturday, 25 July 2009

Ben & Jerry's Sundae Festival

Off to Clapham Common for free ice cream, bands, and lots of queues - our third year in a row.

George fell asleep and missed the excitement of the bus journey there (but was awake for the way home). We woke him up to have some ice cream and then failed to persuade him that he would love candy floss if only he would try it.

While Daddy watched "The Fannies" - Teenage Fanclub (didn't look very teenage to me) George and Mummy painted an egg and decorated a cow-shaped biscuit. The icing didn't stay on the biscuit very long - in fact quite a lot of icing didn't even make it that far, going straight from the tube to George's mouth.
He also enjoyed the carousel and the children's play area, and we had to bribe him with a slice of pizza and the promise of a bus to get him to agree to come home.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Chessington again.

Nothing better to do today - Conker Club and Swimming both shut for the summer - so I took George to Chessington. It was much busier than I expected it to be so we didn't go on very many rides - he and I don't do queuing! But we did manage a few, and also saw the fish and the animals.

George was particularly taken with the pigs and wouldn't stop stroking them - they were asleep and I am not sure they appreciated it very much. He bent down to speak to them and said "oink, oink".

Today he also revealed a pretty good frog impression, hopping around the grass saying "ribbit, ribbit".