Saturday, 31 October 2009

Hallowe'en Pumpkins

George and I kicked off the Hallowe'en celebrations with funky fingernails, courtesy of Lynn. He managed to stay still long enough to get his thumbnails done, and they lasted until he had a bath!
This was the best photo I could get to use as Hallowe'en greetings - taken on our last trip of the year to Chessington:
On the day itself we went to a small gathering with George's little friend Amy, had hotdogs and cakes, and sat around a big fire. George and Amy tried to outdo each other, taking it in turns to sing songs. (Too dark for photos).

Monday, 19 October 2009

Bedtime Story

At bedtime, George has three books read to him, then maybe a few songs, and Daddy recently started a trend of telling him a story about a little boy called George. George loves these stories and normally asks for one before he goes to sleep.

Tonight I told him a story, then when he asked for another one I asked him to tell me a story instead. This is how it went (with some prompting from me along the lines of "then what happened?" and "what did you buy?")

"One day there was a little boat. It went on the water to Pirate Island. There was a shopping trolley there. I took it to the shop and bought a duck and some potato waffles and a football. I paid for them and took them home. The End."

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Running and Sushi

Daddy was running again today, this time the Royal Parks Half Marathon. Mummy and George spent the time hanging out in Hyde Park, blagging free stuff from the food stalls and playing in the playground. We also made a sign to encourage Daddy, and we found him at about mile 6 to show it to him.

After the run we staggered back to Victoria Station for the train home, and stopped there to visit Yo! Sushi. George ate loads - including most of Mummy's Nigiri (rice topped with raw fish). This boy has expensive taste - that's a big slice of salmon he is stuffing into his mouth. He also liked the tuna one, but fortunately he wasn't so keen on the prawn - which is just as well because Mummy really hates to share her prawns!