Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Let It Snow!

Today we woke up to snow (in Wales) - the first time that George has really seen it, as he was too young the last time it happened. He thought it was bubbles, and wasn't at all deterred by the coldness. We had to lock the door to stop him escaping to the garden all the time.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas in Sussex

Sounds posh, doesn't it - but sadly it's not a country estate with horses and servants, just the humble abode of George's maternal grandparents. There was eating and drinking and lots of presents (at one point we nearly lost George inside his enormous bag of gifts) and the obligatory cute costume for the man himself. Check it out below - where you can also see him modelling Mr Christmas Potato Head's hat, and playing with his newly-expanded train set (he got new track to replace some of the bits which are inside our dining room wall - plus some very exciting bridge pieces, which have led to lots of "Wheeeee" play).

Monday, 15 December 2008

Missing, Presumed Lost

Although our house isn't that big, we still manage to "lose" quite a few things, mostly courtesy of George. Sometimes things do turn up again, months later, but there are also some which never re-appear (and this is especially the case now that George has discovered the hole in the wall by the handle of the kitchen door - at least two pieces of train track have disappeared inside there). The current list of missing items is:
Wooden Train;
Wooden Carriage;
Train track
one Mitten;
the letter "R" from the little train which spells out his name;
most of George's CDs;
a little magnetic frog from a music box;
half of the pieces from a farm jigsaw;
and the case for the Bagpuss DVD.
I have moved all the furniture and still can't find them, so it is a mystery.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Tidy Up

One of George's few words is "Be-up" which is his version of "Tidy Up" and also means "Washing Up". It is great that he is prepared to do some tidying up - he certainly does enough untidying. And it was quite sweet when he first decided he wanted to help with the washing up, bu that has worn a little thin now. As soon as anyone goes near the sink, George is pulling up a chair and throwing things into the bowl. And if he can get hold of a cloth or sponge, he is really happy - and the floor is really wet!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

My Son the Artist

Normally the "art" that George brings home from nursery consists of a few scribbled lines, but this week he has excelled himself with a couple of relatively impressive paint creations.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Winter Wonderland

Today we took a trip to the "Winter Wonderland" in Hyde Park - basically a glorified funfair with a few food stalls (lots of german sausages and mulled alcohol) and wooden huts selling decorations!
George went on the mini rollercoaster and we took a trip on the Santa Express - he really didn't want to get off and cried - he was putting a brave face on it when I took a photo but you can still see the tears in his eyes.