Sunday, 27 July 2008

It Really is "Something Special"

Since I stumbled across an episode of the children's signing programme "Something Special", George has become addicted. He will literally turn the television off if it isn't showing Justin and Mr Tumble.

I shouldn't really complain, as we are all learning something from it - but as I only managed to record about half a dozen episodes before the series finished, it is getting rather tedious!

"Goodbye, Goodbye, it's time to run,
Goodbye, Goodbye, I hope you had good fun,
I say Goodbye, I'm happy that you came,
I say Goodbye, please come back,
please come back, please come back again"

My Son the Cross-Dresser

I wasn't a witness to this personally, but here is photographic evidence of George helping himself to my clothes from the ironing pile!

Ben & Jerry's Sundae on the Common

Much excitement today as George got to actually travel on a bus! We were headed for the ice cream festival on Clapham Common - and he behaved himself quite well, then fell asleep just as we arrived.

We had fun there but didn't stay as long as last year because it was ridiculously hot with no shade at all. We spent some time sitting under an umbrella, but it wasn't much fun for George, and the kids' area marquee was like some form of tropical torture - you can see from the photo that George was a little overheated even in a vest and shorts.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Camp Bestival

After last year's extreme mud, we decided to give Glastonbury a miss this year and try out a new, much smaller festival designed with families in mind - Camp Bestival, at Lulworth Castle.

It did pretty much what it said on the tin - there was lots of stuff for kids to do, even at George's age. (Although I was disappointed with his lack of commitment to the many craft activities on offer, meaning that we only came away with a very poor tea cup hat and a really quite impressive plaster cupcake.)

But he had a great time running around the kids' field, between the toddler area and the bouncy castle and the steel drum and the tightrope (which he liked to grab hold of and swing from when other, older children, were halfway across). His biggest regrets were not being able to go on the swingboats, and not being allowed to stay in the Shisha tent.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Should I Suck or Should I Blow?

In other developments this week, George has finally got the hang of using a straw - and downed a bottle of J2O in a matter of minutes. He does still sometimes try to tip up the container, but I think that is more absent-mindedness than anything.

He hasn't yet worked out how to blow, though, which is frustrating his desire to make bubbles by himself instead of having to force mummy and daddy to do it endlessly. He knows it's something to do with your mouth, so he purses his lips in the general direction of the wand, but can't then understand why no bubbles are forthcoming.

And I must also mention here his swimming - I bought a floatation jacket for him to use in the pool on holiday and he has really got on well with it. He still has to work out the finer details of balance but it has done what I thought it might, and given him the idea that kicking his legs isn't just something you should do to please your mother, but it actually takes you to places you want to be.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Honey I Shrunk the Kid

Wimborne was the scene for today's entertainment, although it was a little disappointing. The model town didn't live up to my expectations, even with a model train exhibition thrown in. So we ended up just having lunch at a pub there and then heading back - which gave us time to explore the local beach.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Solo Theme Park Rides

Today we went to Paulton's Park, where there were loads of rides not just suitable for George, but where he could go on unaccompanied. I confess there was a little tear in my eye as I strapped him into the digger for his first solo theme park ride - our baby is growing up so fast!

He had loads of fun, and once again made good use of the sign for "more". He went on the digger, the water ride, a flying saucer, a ladybird, bouncy castle, full-sized rollercoaster, rabbit cars, viking boats and teacups.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

George's First Curry

Day Two of our New Forest break, and today we went to Lyndhurst, where George enjoyed his first Indian Meal. He scoffed his way through plenty of shish kebab, tandoori chicken, bombay potatoes, and of course, popadoms.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Our Little Monkey

Today was the first day of our holiday in the New Forest, and after a brief exploration of the delights of Ringwood we found ourselves in Moors Valley Park. It's the home of a "Go Ape" but also has a children's play trail dotted throughout the forest. Some of the constructions were too big even for adventurous George, but there was still plenty of fun to be had.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Build It Up

Today we went to Legoland - mostly in the rain, but with odd patches of very hot sun.

George was just too small for many of the rides, which was particularly annoying because he has been on much faster/scarier ones in the past. But we did go on a Ferris Wheel, a train, a little boat and the Carousel, as well as playing with some Duplo and doing some sliding.